Corbyn – The Destroyer (of Democracy)

The chocolate teapot of economics, international relationships, social justice and politics!

Don’t be fooled by Corbyn and his hard left henchmen! Their bullying tactics designed to high-jack the Labour Party Parliamentary opposition, like desperate terrorists, is despicable! Only 2 Labour MPs were elected to Parliament on a Corbyn ticket! The man himself and the Oldham MP who’s share of the eligible vote shrank significantly! All other Labour MPs were elected on the basis of the manifesto at the last election (May 2015)! People didn’t vote their Labour MPs into Parliament to have the hard left subversives change the policies they want supported as an opposition party! If Corbyn & Co want to fundamentally change what the Labour Party stands for then all Labour MPs supporting Corbyn and his henchmen should resign their seats and force a by-election in each constituency.

Enemy of Democracy

Democracy is at risk! Corbyn must be forced out of the Labour leadership!

This man is probably the biggest threat to democracy in the UK since the Nazis! Why? Simply because his extremist politics with such narrow appeal to only hard left extremists or those with narrow minds means the prospect of the Labour Party ever gaining power is zero! The electorate will effectively be left with no credible choice at election time! Without any prospect of gaining power a Labour vote will continue to be a wasted vote. With Corbyn ‘leading’ the Labour Party it leaves the door wide open for more Maria Millers and their poor behaviours and selfish attitudes!

Corbyn – the terrorist’s friend:

Corbyn – ally of North Korea and Iran?

Sickening predictable Corbyn! Avoids challenging the French and Europeans but instead attacks the UK Government!