Monthly Archives: January 2016

Corbyn attacks UK and UK Government but avoids challenging the French and EU!

Corbyn really is vomit inducing in his continued attack on the UK and UK Government! It was so predictable that he would go to Calais and blame the UK!

The appalling conditions and problems facing the economic migrants in France and Europe are the responsibility of France and Europe! The UK is processing assylum applications to ensure only genuine refugees are brought to the UK yet Corbyn continues to corrupt the facts with malign intent for his own political purposes. He should be ashamed and he should be doing more to stop Germany encouraging people to risk their lives to come to Europe. Corbyn should stop his poisonous and harmful abuse of his position as ‘leader’ of the opposition!

Corbyn – A Threat To Democracy

Enemy of Democracy

This man is probably the biggest threat to democracy in the UK since the Nazis! Why? Simply because his extremist politics with such narrow appeal to only hard left extremists means the prospect of the Labour Party ever gaining power is zero! The electorate will effectively be left with no credible choice at election time! Without any prospect of gaining power a Labour vote will continue to be a wasted vote.