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Allegations against Higher Education Establishments

Looking for information about sexual harassment by university staff and cover ups/incompetent management?

We hope to bring you some useful information about allegations against a University very shortly.


If you have witnessed sexual harassment in the office/work place please report it! This can include such things as persistent sexual or sexually orientated talk about books, films, preferences, gossip, jokes, office talk etc ! It may seem innocent at the time but subjecting someone to persistent treatment of this type is sexual harassment!   Sexual harassment can ruin lives and sometimes managers persist or participate in this harassing ‘culture’ by ignoring it or covering up the consequences or not investigating complaints! Colleagues my be suffering from other issues such as depression or marital break-up and can fall easy prey to those wishing to harass and exploit them. If you have witnessed any of this please report it to your director and most senior operations manager! Friends, colleagues or ex-colleagues could be suffering because of sexual harassment and corporate negligence in dealing with it. Men suffer sexual harassment too and often feel embarrassed and unable to complain because they fear further consequences against them! They suffer in silence and can be taken advantage of!